How good is my Teachers Pension?

All teachers that work in public schools have the opportunity to be a member of the teachers pension and everyone should join.

Here is the main reason why you should join and some does and don’ts once you are a member even if you leave in the post in the future and pursue a different career.

Teacher pensions are part of what they call a Final Salary scheme and it is almost impossible to beat this whatever anyone tells you and for this reason alone you should join it as soon as possible and never leave it of transfer your benefits away from it now or in the future even if you change jobs.

A Final Salary pension is exactly that in that it is based on your Final Salary when you retire divided by how many years you have been a member. So with this type of pension there is no risk to your pension fluctuating with the stock market.

For people who leave the profession this still applies and the pension will be based on what your grade salary is when you come to retirement and not what it is when you left as many people think.

Other factors that you should take into account are paying AVCs or Additional Voluntary Contributions to give them their full name for a couple of reasons.

Firstly they will enhance the pension you get in retirement and secondly they are cheaper than the alternative which is FSAVCs or Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions as these have higher charges attached to them which can and does have an impact on the growth.

So if brief

Join the scheme pay AVCs to enhance your pension if you possibly can and never transfer it or be advised by anyone to do anything different.

For Teachers that have been encouraged to transfer their pension in the past you can almost guarantee that this advice was wrong and you will be entitled to compensation as a result which will put you back into a position you would have been had the advice never taken place.

Likewise if you have been advised to take our FSAVCs instead of AVCs then this will almost be guaranteed to be inappropriate also and compensation will be awarded although it is slightly different to that of the main pension in that it is the difference in charges that is awarded instead of how the fund has performed. This can still lead to substantial compensation and you should get it checked if you have been advised to do this in the past.

There is no limit of the amount of compensation that can be awarded unless your case goes to the Financial Ombudsman who has a limit of £150,000 which is a substantial sum for anyone to be added to their pension fund or paid out as a lump sum.

If you are a teacher of have been one in the past and any of this applies to you then use the services of a claims management company to look into this in more detail on your behalf as most of them work on a no win no fee basis.

Finally if you would like further information on mis sold teachers pension then visit where you will get a lot of further information and submit your concerns to them if you decide to get your pension checked.




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Best mortgage protection for your repayment mortgage

When you purchase your first home then you want to make sure that you protect it as best you can, so it is likely that you will have buildings and contents insurance to protect your asset.

But what about protecting the actual mortgage amount in the event that you die within the mortgage term.  Have you considered life insurance in order to protect your repayment mortgage in the event of your death.

The most common way to protect a Repayment (Capital & Interest) Mortgage is with a Decreasing Term insurance.  This is the cheapest form of insurance and is tailored to suit protecting a repayment mortgage

When you set up the policy you will have to complete a medical disclosure form.  It is vitally important that this is completed very accurately as failing to disclose any medical condition or any previous illness or injury could make the policy invalid at the point of a claim.  Even if you feel that the illness was fairly minor it is important to disclose this to the provider and let them decide whether they wish to take it further by getting a GP (General Practitioner) report or maybe even do a tele screening appointment.  The important thing for you is that you have disclosed this at the point of sale.

The next stage of setting up the plan is determining the sum assured and term of the policy.  This is fairly straightforward and as its designed to protect your repayment mortgage then the sum assured and term will be for what the mortgage is.  Ie £100,0000 over 25 years.

Within the policy most insurers will include Terminal Illness cover.  This basically means that the plan will pay out if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and the life expectancy is less than 12 months.  This could be vital if you wish to spend time with friends and family prior to death.

When you die the policy proceeds are usually paid as a lump sum benefit.  Once the benefit is paid then the policy ceases and no further premiums are due to be paid

Your commitment to the plan is to answer all the medical questions at the start accurately and honestly and to also advise the provider of any changes in the health prior to the policy commencing.  Your only other commitment is to make sure that you pay the policy premium on a monthly or annual basis otherwise the policy will lapse and no premiums will be returned

Optional extras that you can add to the plan include critical illness and waiver of premium, but this can be decided if its suitable for your circumstances at the time

Other flexible features of decreasing term insurance are increasing and decreasing the term and the sum assured.  You can have a separation option if the plan is in joint names and you then want 2 separate plans or Moving House and Home Improvement option

So in conclusion Decreasing Term Insurance is a cheap option to make sure that you protect your repayment mortgage in the event of death.

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Top Ways of Getting Top Mortgage Deals

One of the most difficult decisions in life that one takes is with regards the future. Everyone is anxious on what is to come and they need security because of such. Some opt for insurance or future arrangements, which remain to be a sound decision for many. Take note that insurance will serve as a financial instrument in order to ensure that your family will be able to live life conveniently even if you are not present. In truth, top mortgage deals take part in the list of the mentioned future plans. This is evident since housing is one of the top necessities of a person.

What Is Mortgage?

Before you proceed with getting the top mortgage deals, you also have an idea of what is mortgage. Mortgage is a legal agreement that provides a person to own a property gradually through a lender. There is a loan involved in the matter and an interest is also associated with its payment. The arrangement may take years to finish and if the arranged payment every month, quarterly, or of sort is not complied, the bank has the right to foreclose the house or land.

Check Your Credit Score

Your credit score plays a big role in augmenting your chances of getting the mortgage loans. You will be able to collect the top mortgage deals not unless you are not viable for the arrangement. It is an important thing to impress the lender by not necessarily assuring you comply with the minimum payment of credit cards every month. Instead, your credit performance must also include how you pay off collections. Evidently, you will be able to acquire an arrangement if you have low debt record and you use just 20% of your credit limit.

Know Your Sums

You will not be able to confirm that the mortgage is one of the top mortgage deals not unless you can guarantee that you know your own sums. The best mortgage plan you can find is something you can cover up. Besides, you have to consider other fees and costs of mortgaging other than the property amount itself. Most importantly, you have to take not of how much is the charge for the interest rate for it will greatly affect your total reimbursement.

Transparency Is Necessary

You do not necessarily have to lie about your credit score or history if you want to get a mortgage loan. It is best to remain honest in disclosing your assets, income, and associated debts. It is also much better to complete the required information from you for this is vital for a lender to decide on whether to grant you the loan or not. Additionally, you have to prepare for extra income documentation if you have earned bonus or payment for overtime working hours.

Get Assistance From Experts

The top mortgage deals are just everywhere. However, you will not be able to identify them right away if you have no experience in dealing with mortgage lenders. If you will ask an expert, such as a broker have years of record in aiding people get their perfect mortgage, you will end up getting more idea of how things work out and will possibly make a sound decision.


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How Clients Can Complain for a Missold Bank of Scotland Pension

The Bank of Scotland had received thousands of complaints on the sale of its investment, including a missold bank of Scotland pension. Customers received a total of 17 million pounds in compensation. A fine of 3.5 million pounds was imposed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), covering nearly 2,500 complaints from 2007 to 2009.

Bank of Scotland Financial Mis-selling

The Bank of Scotland was fined by the corresponding agency due to financial mis-selling. The 2,500 complaints were not managed properly by the institution. It rejected nearly half of the customers’ complaints, and this alerted the FSA. Victims of a missold bank of Scotland pension continued to increase over time, alarming the financial community, especially the clients of the said bank.

What Clients Can Do About Financial Mis-selling

Clients, whether of a bank or any other financial institution who were mis-sold a product could claim for compensation. The majority of these clients were mis-sold products that are not suitable for them, considering their income, employment status, and other factors. If the client’s complaints were ignored by the bank or financial institution, they can seek help from the Financial Ombudsman Service. Victims of a missold bank of Scotland pension could likewise seek assistance from the Pensions Ombudsman who may accept the complaint. These two specific bodies can investigate complaints without a charge.

Appropriate Financial Advice

A trustworthy financial institution will give accurate and truthful advice to their clients. This is very important in order to avoid mis-selling of products. An agent, broker, or any other financial adviser would provide suitable advice, necessary information, as well as possible risks. As professionals, they must recommend something that will suit a client’s needs, explaining properly the pros and cons of a desired financial product. Not doing all this would end up in a mis-sold financial product.

Risks Involved in a Mis-sold Product

A missold bank of Scotland pension does not necessarily mean that money is lost. Generally, mis-sold products are not always about losing money. It could also be about having something that is not suitable, a product that is not appropriate for a certain customer, that is mis-selling. Clients can make a complaint in such incident. An investment that performed badly does not indicate that a complaint is necessary. Investments involve a lot of risks, either winning or losing. If clients were not informed about the risks involved, then they can complain.

When Filing a Complaint

Clients who have been mis-sold a product can file a complaint. However, there is a three-year limit for plaintiffs to become eligible in filing such claim. Before filing a case to the Pensions Ombudsman, there are certain guidelines to keep in mind. Complainants should gather all necessary and relevant information, and any concrete proof. Only factual and accurate data should be submitted. Before going to the ombudsman, it is ideal to complain first to the product provider or financial adviser. The product provider must give an internal complaints process. The firm has 8 weeks to respond, and if they don’t, it’s time to go straight to the ombudsman, and for their investigation service. Complaining for a missold bank of Scotland pension might also take time, determination, and risks due to the massive complaints.


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Making the Most of “No Win, No Fee” Accident Claims in Scotland

The no win no fee accident claims in Scotland are starting to flood throughout the region. It is mainly because this type of legal service is considered by many claimants as the most convenient way towards achieving their compensation claims. As the term implies, a “no win, no fee” claim does not require claimants to pay for legal costs unless their legal battle for compensation succeeds.

Funding Method

The “no win, no fee” accident claims in Scotland are considered to be a type of fee arrangement wherein solicitors receive their fees only if the compensation claim is victorious. This legal fee arrangement had been known in the United Kingdom only a few years back. It had been the most common funding method that personal injury claimants avail. This funding method had helped a lot of claimants in obtaining their fair compensation, although there are still some who settle their claims out of court. These early settlements are often times cheaper than compensation claims pursued through the court.

Potential Liabilities

It is important to understand that “no win, no fee” accident claims in Scotland do not cover a 100% compensation clause. It simply indicates that when claimants lose their case, they must be prepared for potential liabilities. These liabilities include the handling of their opponent’s legal fees and other expenses, as well as their own solicitor’s fees and other legal outlays. Some solicitors offer a conditional agreement prior to any legal case. For instance, a 30% of the compensation claim will be allotted as the solicitor’s fees if the legal case succeeds.

Risky Method

Basically, the “no win, no fee” arrangement can be very risky for both sides. The solicitor who is taking a legal case on such basis could face the risk of not getting paid if the battle for compensation is lost. The same is true with the claimant who may face a lot of liabilities if the claim does not succeed. However, winning a compensation claim will give both the solicitor and the claimant a fair share from the settlement. It is also important to note that accident claims could arrive at a huge amount of settlement, considering the damages caused by such accidents.

Expert Service

When pursuing “no win, no fee” accident claims in Scotland, it is essential to get a team of solicitors who have expertise in the said area. Solicitors have varied specializations, hence it is crucial to hire a personal injury solicitor who has adequate knowledge and skills surrounding accident compensation claims. There are available solicitors who can take the entire risks, allowing their clients to receive 100% of the compensation claim. Hiring a solicitor who is regulated and certified by the Solicitors Regulation Authority is vital in any accident claim.

Maximum Claim

By hiring a “no win, no fee” claim and solicitor, claimants are more likely to achieve their fair settlements. The availability of the funding method will allow claimants in pursuing their legal battles without worrying about the costs that need funding. The worry about the solicitor’s fee is likewise eliminated through this fee arrangement. Overall, the “no win, no fee” accident claims in Scotland are the most convenient legal arrangement for any hopeful claimant.


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Find Out Which Mortgage Suits You Best

If you think that getting a mortgage is simple and easy, think again. Mortgages are a lot more complicated than the simple logic of having a lender who helps financially incapable people who want to buy a house. Because aside from the fact that there are  a lot of lenders who are out in the market, providing assistance and services, mortgage offers different deals to suit to the situation of the home buyers.

Fixed Mortgage Rate Vs. Variable Mortgage Rates

Fixed mortgage rates have several factors to consider. Usually, the lenders such as banks borrow from other banks to have the money they will use to lend out to the home buyers. They often swap rates for a certain period of time. These swap rates will determine the future interest rates and can affect the prices of the mortgage.

In a fixed rate mortgage, the home buyer will be given an initial special period where the interest rate is fixed regardless of the rate changes. The most common fixed rates offered are two, three, five and ten years. Once the fixed period ends, the borrower will then pay according to the standard variable rate where the interest rate can be more expensive.

While the variable mortgage rates change every mortgage term depending on the economy of the country. You will not pay the same amount every month which means the amount of money you are required to

pay can increase or decrease. But what makes it affordable is the instability of its interest rates. Since the interest rates may rise or fall from time to time, the initial rate is really cheap compared to the fixed mortgage.

How to Deal With the Different Mortgage Rates?

Choosing which mortgage rate to avail can be really hard given the instability of the global



and your situation. There are a lot of factors which you should consider in order to come up with the best rate that will suit your situation best. But if you really want to know how things might turn out, you can try solving things out using the mortgage calculators which are very much available online. Though these calculators, you can find out the total amount of your expens

es every term. It helps you calculate every scenario that might affect the rate of your mortgage.

In case you are really confused which mortgage will suit you best and you want to know what to do, you can always seek an advice to those who are expert in the matter. You have options, whether to inquire online and do things in the comfort of your own home or ask for a referral from your friend.  There are a lot of people who are willing to help and give a professional advice about which mortgage to choose, all you have to do is find a good one.

Before thinking about which mortgage rates will work best in your situation, make sure that you have checked the reliability and credibility of your chosen lender. Since they will be the one whom you will entrust with your mortgage, you should see to it that they are qualified for the job. A large number of financial institutions offer this kind of services, which is why you better make sure that you have fully maximized your options in choosing which mortgage you really need.

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The Advantages of Getting an Affordable Term Life Insurance

In these days and age, it is really smart to ensure your future. That is why there are so many things that people get into just to invest in them and their family’s future. Also, the very reason why term life insurance is now in the picture. Ever since it was out into the market, a lot of people could not help but patronize the benefits that it provides. This became popular especially to those who could not afford expensive life insurances. That is right because with term insurance, you can already get your future ensured in exchange for an affordable price.

From the term itself, life insurance is good as long as one pays and committed to the term. You can use the benefits for a specific amount of time and maximize it. Unlike the other types which will require your entire life to pay for the premiums, term life insurance only has a specific lock in period which will require your payment. The good thing here is, the choice is yours whether you want to renew the term or upgrade the term to another level if you see that things are not working for you. The term life insurance gives you the choice whether you want to continue the term after it expires or you want to go for another type of insurance. If you see that things are not working well with you in term life insurance, then you can have the option to change it after the term expires. Besides, you have nothing big to lose since term insurance only requires you to pay a lower amount of your income.

Because the term insurance has a specific period of time, that is the very reason that makes it less expensive compared to the other kind of insurance. Unlike the whole, universal, or variable life insurance, term life insurance is very much affordable and useful. You can have the chance to experience the benefits one can get from life insurances without paying expensively in return.

Some might say that term insurance is not practical these days. You might be thinking that what you need is something more practical and lifelong. But here is the thing, the key to term insurance depends on how you will be able to maximize its benefits. That is because this type of life insurance is good when someone is still dependent on you, like a kid who still goes to school or you have a mortgage to pay. Think of the benefits that you can get in exchange of a low rate.

This kind of insurance works best, especially to those who could not afford expensive insurance, but really want to get one. Since this kind does not require much of your income, you can avail this and get not only yours but your family’s future as well. The thing here is, this is now the smartest way to invest. Because of its cheap and very much affordable cost, everyone has now the chance to insure their future. Again, just make sure that you can maximize the benefits term life insurance can offer.

If you are still not convinced, here are more advantages that affordable term life insurance provides.

  • A good way of providing for the family’s loss of income.
  • It can cover short- term debts and needs.
  • It can provide additional insurance protection during the child- raising years.
  • It can provide protection and stability by helping your family pay off a mortgage or pay for the children’s college education.

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What Type of Whole Life Insurance Is Perfect for You?

Are you looking for the right kind of insurance for you? The very first thing you need to know about insurance is that it comes in two different kinds: the whole life insurance and the term life insurance. Before deciding which one to pick, you must understand what these are and what their differences are.


What Is Whole Life Insurance?


Let us start with this kind of insurance. This one is also known as the permanent life insurance simply because it covers you for a lifetime. Between the two types of insurance, this one is much more expensive than the other. Well, it is not a surprise knowing that this type of insurance offers much more compared to the other one. For those who have the budget, this kind of insurance is often chosen.


What Is Term Life Insurance?


Term life insurance is the temporary insurance, which is the type that expires in a given period of time. Some people think that this type is the best choice simply because they can get themselves covered at a much more affordable price. Each term life insurance has its own coverage period. Therefore, you can choose on how long you want to get yourself or your loved one covered by this insurance.


What Are the Different Types of Permanent Insurance?


Most people think that there is only one kind of whole life insurance. The truth is that there are many different kinds of permanent insurance that you can buy online or offline. Some of these types are single-premium type, interest-sensitive type and the traditional type. Now, you might be confused on what kind of whole life insurance you should purchase. Get to know what these types are. For sure, it will help you decide on what to choose.


1.)    The Single-Premium Type

The single-premium permanent insurance is recommended to those people who have a large amount of money. This is for someone who is willing to buy a policy up front.


2.)    The Interest-Sensitive Type

The interest-sensitive type insurance is the kind by which the rate of return on the person’s cash value portion varies from one rate to another. This offers the most flexibility in terms of your insurance policy.


3.)    The Traditional Type

This insurance policy offers the person the cash value portion’s guaranteed minimum rate of return. This is the most common type of permanent life insurance.


Now that you already know what the three types of whole life insurance are, do you already have the idea on which one to choose? Consider your attitude toward investing. If you are a little conservative toward investment, then the traditional one will be the right one for you. If you want to play with the return of investment, then the first two types of permanent insurance might be the best one to suit your character. Ask the insurance agent or insurance company to explain what they offer thoroughly in order to guarantee the best decision you are about to make. Remember that purchasing insurance is investing.

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How You Can Reclaim the Payment of a Mis Sold PPI

If you bought a PPI or a payment protection insurance without full knowledge of it, there’s a huge chance that it was a mis sold PPI. You can file a claim if it was clear that you were not given the proper instructions and the important information on what a PPI is and what it’s for. There are thousands of customers who filed complaints regarding the PPI. Most of them received the wrong information regarding this insurance product. Many customers were paying for a PPI that they are not even able to use. This is because there are some requirements that they failed to meet. There are also those who bought the insurance product, not knowing that it was not compulsory.


What Are the Requirements for a Mis Sold PPI Claim


There are several reasons that people file a mis sold PPI claim. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • If you were self-employed, retired, or unemployed when you bought the insurance product.
  • If you did not fit the age limit policy.
  • If you were informed that it was compulsory to get a PPI
  • If you had pre-existing medical conditions when you bought the PPI
  • If your loan term was longer than your PPI; you should have been informed that after the term of your PPI, any loan will no longer be covered.


What the PPI Can Do for You


The payment protection insurance or as it is commonly called, PPI, is used by consumers, who for any reason, cannot continue paying for their debts and loans. These reasons include accidents, serious injuries, severe illnesses, death, and others that hinder the consumer from receiving money or salaries. However, the payment protection insurance will only cover 12 months maximum. It will be the responsibility of the consumer to pay for the rest after that year. It’s not everyone who can benefit from the PPI. This is why there are many people who are victims of mis sold PPI. They paid for an insurance product that they can’t even use or doesn’t suit them. If you are going to get a PPI, you have to make sure that you are provided with the complete details and that you understand the terms and exclusions of the insurance product.


What to Do With a Mis Sold PPI


If you are suspecting you were mis sold with a PPI, you should contact the lending company right away. Make sure that you are able to provide related documents to support your claim. Write them a letter and make sure to include all the details. If they don’t reply to you in eight weeks, you should already contact the FOS or the Financial Ombudsman Service. You will be asked to fill out a form for you to explain your problem. You should be very clear that the problem is a mis sold PPI and that you want to get your money back.

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whole of life insurance: Choose the Most Suitable Before You Decide

There are basically two types of insurance you can choose. One is term insurance and the other is whole of life insurance. You need to choose what is the most suitable for your specific circumstance, before you decide. Both types of insurance have their merits. One is cheap but with basic coverage. The other is more expensive but with more benefits. However, if you can afford it, financial advisers would recommend you get a whole life not a term life insurance.

You Can Have Maximum Cover

With whole of life insurance, you can get maximum cover. The salient feature of maximum cover is that your premium payment can be fixed for a certain number of years. As such your amount of coverage is assured. However, after the time period expires, your policy will be reviewed and you can expect an increase in premium, depending on certain factors that the insurance provider will determine. If you find the premium too steep, you have the option to reduce your coverage to coincide with your premium payment.

You Can Have Balance Cover

Aside from maximum cover, there is also balanced cover. The feature of balance cover revolves around how your premiums will be invested. If you choose this type of insurance, you premiums will be invested in an investment fund. Investment funds are usually tied to the stock market, so it is risky. If the fund performs well, it can be possible that your earning will pay for your premium. But that is not always the case.

You Can Choose the Most Suitable

The good thing with whole of life insurance is that you can choose what features are suitable for your future needs. Since this will involve setting aside an amount, you need to calculate if it is within your budget. If you quit on your insurance, it will be like throwing away money.



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