Get Medicare Supplement Plans with full awareness, it helps

Getting enrolled in original Medicare plan is beneficial and the Medicare Supplement plans insurance policy acts as the true supplement insurance. This is because it actually bears the costs that the original Medicare does not bear, basically the deductibles and copayments.

During the open enrolment period of Medicare Supplement plans, you can buy Medigap policy available, regardless at present of your health condition. This is a good time to make use of this opportunity as the same may not be available after this particular open enrolment period. This actually is a disadvantage when something comes up seriously and you required expensive services.

Another fact is that even if you consider a Medicare Advantage plan but for original Medicare, and realize you are not really very happy with this decision, you always have the option to quit within 12 months to get back to original Medicare or any other policy. However, if you already have a Medigap policy prior to buying a Medicare Advantage plan or if you had purchased the Medicare Advantage plan on turning 65, you will be considered eligible to purchase Medigap policy. Decide on what plan is best for you

Few more facts

  •  Medicare Supplement plans do not give cover to dental care, unless there are any dental emergency or dental services required while you are in the hospital. It also does not cover the eye exams that relate prescribing glasses. However, it covers certain eye exams such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. Actually, hearing aids also do not get coverage and there is a need for supplemental insurance to help cover the costs.

·         Another fact with Medicare Supplement plans is that it does not offer long term care coverage unless it links with a stay in hospital and is rehabilitative where a therapy is required after knee surgery to help you in walking as normal. On the other hand, if you require assistance with daily living activities such as bathing and dress, Medicare Supplement plans do not cover the nursing home or in-home care.

·         In case you receive some subsidy to pay premiums, then most people will become ineligible for subsidy as they become eligible for Medicare. It means you may have to bear tax penalties to keep it.

·         In case you delay enrolling in Parts B and D of Medicare, there is late enrolment penalty to be paid for the entire time you are on Medicare Supplement Plans policy.