In Home Personal Training

If you want to live your best life in retirement, it’s important to keep active and stay in shape. One the easiest ways to do this these days is to hire a personal trainer to actually come to you! No need for expensive memberships to gyms that you might never even go to, or sophisticated equipment you don’t have room for. Instead, have a professional come to you with their own equipment and guide you through proper workouts. Check to see if some Medicare supplement plans cover this kind of service.


There are some things to keep in mind about hiring a professional personal trainer to visit you at home. You want to find the trainer through a trusted source. Look through review websites you trust and find trainers with lots of positive reviews and feedback. Ask friends and family for recommendations, or call your doctor, local hospital, or local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have any recommendations.


Once you find some potential names do some due diligence to make sure they are legitimate. Being members of the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or other local business membership organizations lends some credibility to their business since they pay to be a part of it. Also check their credentials to ensure they are licensed and trained to be giving you the advice they are giving. Always talk to your doctor to make sure it’s ok to be doing the types of exercise you are doing as well.

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Get to know your trainer and have a good relationship with them. They should have your health and best interests as their priorities and you should enjoy the experience and benefits you get from them. You might keep some simple exercise tools in the house to keep up with their routines between home visits. Light free weights and medicine balls are usually cheap and easy enough to keep in the house and out of the way.


Remember to try to get plenty of walking and fresh air in particularly on days they are not training you. Ask them about healthy eating and nutrition advice if that’s something you want help with as well, but make sure they are actually licensed to give that advice too. Nutrition is very important to your overall health and not everyone is perfectly knowledgeable when it comes to eating. Ask your trainer for recommendations if they aren’t comfortable giving nutrition advice or if you’re not comfortable getting it from them.