Medicare Supplement Plans VS Medicare Advantage

Original Medicare Part A and Part B are considered to cover many health-care expenses. However, it does not cover everything which Medicare supplement plans or Medicare Advantages cover. Original Medicare does not cover routine dental and vision care, prescription drugs, oversees medical emergencies as well. Thus, an individual has to pay from his pocket to cover these supplementary expenses.

Medicare supplement plans VS Medicare advantage

People who find the incompetence of the original Medicare plans, they look forward to for opportunities in other plans. Medicare supplement plans work together with Part A and Part B of the original Medicare. This helps to cover up the expenses that do not entitle to the Original Medicare. However, you can enjoy the benefits of the supplement plans only when you are enrolled under Part A or Part B.

The Medicare Supplement plans cover all the expenses including Prescription Drugs, emergency medical travel, and primary health care bills under the co-payment and co-insurance benefits. While enrolling for the medical supplement plans, you must always remember that the supplement plans are only used to cover the original Medicare expenses and costs.

Medicare Advantage is an alternative to the Original Medicare. If you are not enrolled in Medicare supplements or Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage will give you equal benefits. However, in order to be eligible for enrolling in the Medicare Advantage, you must have enrolled in any of the Original Medicare Part A or Part B. the Medicare advantage helps in covering expenses that your original Medicare plans do not cover.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement plans VS Medicare Advantage

Medicare supplements are known to cover the expenses that Original Medicare does not provide. There are almost 10 standardized plans to choose from according to your needs and the region you reside. The Medigap plans cover out of the pocket benefits such as co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

However, Medicare advantage is provided by private insurance companies and the plans are flexible according to the insurer demands. You need to be more careful and understanding to choose the plans. Although the benefits are covered by both Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 and Medicare advantages are more or less same, but there are some differences also. While supplement plans are strict in relation to the benefits, the Medicare Advantages can be modified as per the suitability. Under the supplement plans, you get the advantage to consult any doctor of choice, while medicare advantage allows only a list of prescribed doctors only.