What You Need To Know About Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage And Medicare Supplement Plans

Original Medicare created by the federal government was the first Medicare program created, but can’t cover all healthcare cost. Part A covers basic hospital services and part B for doctor visits. You need a separate plan D to take care of your prescription drugs. Another good option is to choose from Medicare supplement plans that will fill the gap that cannot be covered by original Medicare.


 Medicare Advantage


Medicare advantage is an alternative to Original Medicare. The difference is that the former is controlled by federal government while the latter is privately owned. Medicare advantage cover almost all the benefits you get from original Medicare, plus you get drug coverage as well. Medicare advantage can provide more benefits than original Medicare such as dental care, vision or hearing.


 Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare supplement plans are also offered through private companies, but do not offer 100% coverage. Medicare supplement provide an additional cover for some of your health care costs. You still need Medicare plan for drug coverage.


Medicare supplements can pay your Medicare deductible or copayments, and can cover your Medicare when you’re out of the country. 10 standard plans are available. You get the same basic benefits from each plan no matter where you go it’s the same with the exception of 3 states that have their own standard plans.


Get the best 2020 Medicare supplement plans at https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ Every Medicare supplement plan can cover one year of hospital visits for Medicare part A. Medicare supplement plan G won’t cover deductible for Medicare part B, but plan C can. Before choosing any Medicare supplement you have understand the policy of each provider.


Even though medicare supplement benefits are standardized, the cost is not the same from one company to another. The difference lies within the premiums they offer.


If you want to join any Medicare supplement plan you should join within the first six month after reaching 65 years and you’re in Medicare part B, this is the open enrollment period. You will not be rejected during this time and no expensive charges. If you decide to apply later you could be turned down and it will cost you more before getting accepted. You need to also answer several questions.


Any plan you choose should be based on your requirements and what you can afford to pay. No one should force you to select any service you’re not satisfied with and also whether you decide to sign up for Medicare advantage or Medicare supplement, your Part B premium must be paid continuously.